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WHE Speak

WHE Speak is a collection of articles, editorials and essays presented by Wild Horse Education an it's members. This page is our new "blog."

The topics covered in this section are as varied as our wild horses and the many layers of reality they live. Some articles will cover serious news topics, some will be personal experience.

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Owyhee has been an exercise in that feels like a "hide and seek" game. In our nearly ten years for advocating for these wild horses we have tried hard to create a transparent environment.

Today these wild horses face another large scale removal due to fire. Did the large scale removal just two years ago contribute to the conditions that fueled the fire? Are we creating a plan prior to another removal? It simply looks like business as usual.... 


Bulk Comment Ban in BLM Future?

Do you us sign on forms to comment on BLM actions? Do you use petitions? This article is for you.

BLM may soon penalize the vast majority of Americans that do not have time to search out pending actions, research and write.


Is Anyone Watching? Department of Interior and shady moves.

It is legally arguable that almost every plan or action created within each land management agency, and approved through this "leadership" during these time periods, is invalid. A broad case that addresses these appointments within the DOI was brought by PEER earlier this year. WHE is watching the case and included this concept in our challenge to BLM spaying wild horses (and it's connection to Brian Steed's former boss and political agenda, not sound judgement).

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