Wild Horse Eduction members assist media members with multiple stories each year. Media coverage is a great way to reach a large audience.


All the pretty horses must die

Extended piece in the Daily Beast on the work of Wild Horse Education and some of the challenges we face by Christopher Ketcham. (adult article) Click below o go to the Daily Beast.


Activist chronicles wild horse roundups to guard against abuse

Profile piece on our founder in the Review-Journal by John Glionna. 

Click link below to go to the Review-Journal Article.


Federal Government Selling wild horses to dealer linked to slaughter

Democracy Now! segment featuring Amy Goodman's interview with Dave Philipps. The investigation into BLM selling wild horses to Tom Davis, a family friend of former Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar.

Our work has been featured in the books such as: "Born Wild, Soul of A Horse" by author Joe Camp (Benji books), "Wild Horse Country" by author Dave Philipps, “This Land: How Cowboys Capitalism and Corruption are ruining the American West” by Christopher Ketcham.

Our work has appeared in multiple law journals and reference guides including "The Law of Journalism and Media;" Trager, Ross and Reynolds. 

Press after 8/20/2018

9/12/2018 Circa News, Wild Horses (go to video)

9/6/2018 Critics Say ‘Whoa’ to Federal Moves to Rein in Wild Horses (click to read original publication in Fair Warning)

8/23/2018 E&E BLM Pushes Sterilization As Herd Grows (archive)

Samples of general press coverage; presented in no particular order (pre 8/18)

The Fight to Save America’s Wild Horses from Slaughter | Annals of Obsession | The New Yorker (go to video)

This Land Is Your Land, Except If You Are A Wild Horse Advocate (go to article)

Meet the Man- and propaganda Machine -.... "It was really scary being targeted by that machine." (go to article)

Trump budget 2018: Thousands of wild horses could be sold for slaughter under president's proposal (go to article)

Photographer wins appeal over access to horse roundup (go to article)

NAS Pans Current BLM Mustang Management (go to article)

Portrait marks wild horse heroine’s place in history (go to article)

Will The Wild Horses Be Dragged Away? | Nevada Public Radio (go to broadcast)

Ranchers denied the drought while collecting drought subsidies (go to article)

Cattlemen Fight Wild Horse Birth Control Program to Continue Welfare Ranching on Federal Land (go to article)

Nevada Ranchers who Deny Existence of Drought Conditions Collect Millions in Drought Relief Funds (go to article)

Wild, But Not Free, 2014 Award winner, NBC (go to video) 

Advocate continues fight with BLM, 2012 (go to article)

NACO will appeal court decision, Wild horse management lawsuit continues (go to article)

Nevada counties lose in Ninth Circuit on Wild Horses, but are winning the ground war (go to article)

Mustangs: How to manage America's wild horses? The debate rages, 2013 (go to article)

Wild Horses: Preservation program flies out of control, 2011 Laura Myers (go to article)

Court Order Halts BLM Mustang Gather, 2013 (go to article)

Judge restricts helicopter use in Jackson roundup (go to article)

Martin Clunes BBC/ITV production of "Horsepower" (go to video)

The above represents a fraction of the media coverage since our work began and are presented in random order. 


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